FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Your Diabetic Testing Strips

Is It Illegal To Sell My Test Strips?

The short answer is a resounding, NO! Your diabetes test strips are a valuable part of a lot of people’s lives and you have every right to participate in this economy, make a little extra cash and help someone in need at the same time. And since there is no prescription required to buy, own, or purchase diabetic test strips, you are 100% OK to sell them as long as you meet a few requirements: You must be the legal owner of the test strips. Your test strips must be in their original packaging with seals in tact. Your test strips must not be past the expiration date on the box. “Quick Money For Property” currently takes test strips with at least 6 months of expiration left. You are even allowed to sell your “Mail order” testing supplies and boxes marked “Not For Resale” since your are NOT a retailer.

How Many Boxes Of Diabetic Test Strips Can I Sell to You?

We will purchase any amount you have that you legally own and would like to sell.  Please keep enough to test your own levels as directed by your physician! Will the price quoted be the amount I am paid?  Yes, as long as you give us an accurate description of the boxes at the time of the quote! Can I sell you expired test strips?  No, we do not accept expired test strips.  We only purchase boxes that have at least 3 full months left before expiring. What if there are Rx labels on my boxes? Please do not remove the labels.  We have a special method to remove these labels that will not damage the box.  All labels will be destroyed to protect your privacy.  You may use a soft tipped marker to mark out sensitive information on the pharmacy label, but please be careful not to get stray marks on the boxes.  White out also works well to mark out your information.

How Are The Prices For Diabetic Testing Strips Determined?

Prices vary based on the brand name of the diabetic test strip. The size of the box, the expiration dates, and the conditions of the boxes. FreeStyle, One Touch, and Accu-Chek are the biggest 3 brands. We obviously pay more for a 100 count box vs a 50 count box. We pay the most for boxes that expire 12 months or longer out, and deduct a little bit if they expire sooner. Also a mint condition – brand new box is paid more then a box that is ripped, crushed, damaged, or dirty.

What If The Seal Is Broken On The Box, But The Box Has Never Been Opened?

We are sorry but we can not buy those boxes. The seal is what ensures everyone’s safety! Also, we are not able to purchase a box if it is so badly damaged that the inside of the box is accessible.

Do You Purchase Other Diabetic Products Such As Glucose Meters, Lancets, or Insulin?

No we sure don’t. We can take brand new meters, lancets or glucose solution as a donation. We never take insulin!